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Top 7 Best Artificial Intelligence APPs for Android & iOS

2018-10-27 19:45:21 536

“Listen to me as I speak, do what I say and give me what I demand”, – the best way to depict the ancient times of kings, where everyone was bound to obey them. The not while ago, the time has come for everyone to say the command and let the courtiers do the rest. However, the courtiers are not humans anymore as it was in the ancient times – machines have replaced the humans and the kings are common people.


All I am talking about is Artificial Intelligence- where machines can think and work like humans. The popularity of artificial intelligence is no longer new as everyone whether using iPhone or not would be well aware of SIRI. Driving a car, shopping online or cooking some delicious Thanksgiving dinner- ask SIRI to help you in finding the best route to your new office- try something different in Turkey which has been cooked the same way for years – or find the best deals on a product you wish to buy.


The use of artificial intelligence is not limited to SIRI or Amazon Alexa- it has gone far beyond you could have ever imagined. These are just a few examples of artificial intelligence you must have been aware of. This article will give you an idea of how AI has flabbergasted the Android and iOS devices.



Let us have a walk through some of the best AI apps for Android and iOS.



1. Cortana 

After the launch of Windows 10, Cortana is a well-known application to all. The app, which was available on Windows phone, is now available on Android phones as well.


It helps you manage tasks that would otherwise need hands to do. For instance, you can schedule a meeting and the rest will be handled by Cortana. Moreover, it can be used to send emails, search for desired products or anything you can find on the internet. However, to use Cortana, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account and make use of it.



2. Hound

Hound is yet another application that you would love to use. Similar to Google Voice Search, you can use Hound by speaking naturally and get the results displayed instantly. Without using your finger or tapping the screen, you can activate the app by saying “Ok Hound”.


Hound comes in wide range of features such as you can listen to your favorite music or video playback curated in the SoundHound playlist. Apart from it, you can set multiple alarms simultaneously and set the timer according to your requirements.


Similarly, you can use Hound to know the current weather or weather forecast for the coming days. Ask Hound to assist you in finding the nearest best food restaurants, find movie show time, book an Uber ride, make calculations or search the web for any keyword to get information. More is yet to come on Hound, so make sure to stay tuned for the unique AI application.



3. Recent News

Recent News is a news aggregation app, powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that will study your reading habits. It will keep you updated on latest articles, news, and relevant reading stuff according to your interest and past behavior. Recent News is the best application to stay informed and updated on subjects you love.


It can be synchronized with other devices to help you bookmark articles on your smartphone and browse them later on other smart devices. Moreover, the ease of exporting your history and bookmarks will also help you conserve battery by nullifying background activity.


Recent News is a must have an app designed for those who are always on the hunt for new articles, news, and blogs relevant to their field of interest.



4. Elsa

Are you crazy about improving your English accent without paying a hefty fee? Elsa is here to rescue you. Elsa (English Language Speech Assistant) is an artificial intelligent app offering professional coaching on pronunciation with series of exercises and teaching material.


The app asks your native language and programs its questions accordingly. If you want to know the pronunciation of the specific word, just input the word and learn. The app is free of cost on Play Store and iTunes. Download it now and be the master of English language right away.



5. Stifr Magic Cleaner

Stifr Magic Cleaner is also one of the popular artificial intelligence apps, used to detect junk photos on your phone to free up some space. The images are scrutinized through a series of machine learning algorithms. Apart from that, the app is quick and deliver results instantly. Moreover, you can select the photos manually to delete or allows the Siftr do the work. The app is available free of any charge on iOS and Play store.



6. Google Allo

There are times when you are not in a mood to type a word and feeling exhausted after a long and uninterrupted striking on the keyboard. You want to get the information, video or article on the desired subject but the laziness has overwhelmed you.


Google Allo is here to rescue you when you are super lazy but still, want to carry on with your work. Yet another personal assistant app that works like a messenger. It can perform a wide variety of tasks like answering the question, add events to the calendar, a reminder of info at given time, find videos and much more.


You can simply reply to the messages without moving a finger. The Smart Reply learns your behavior and suggests responses to photos and text in your style. Google Allo is more than just a personal assistant where you can get creative with photos by doodling them. Moreover, you can express your gesture with stickers designed by independent designers from around the world.



7. Robin

Robin is another popular Artificial Intelligence app that works as a personal assistant while you are on the move. Easy to use, Robin allows you to write text through voice, get local information, jokes and GPS navigation without moving your eyes off the road.


Whether you are looking for a parking place, traffic status, weather forecast or Twitter News, the app allows you to do as much as you can think of. You can even call the person by calling the name of the person without jotting down the contact list. It is a must-have app for those who are on the move and don’t want to risk their lives by looking at the screen instead of the road.




Artificial Intelligence is a smart and effective way to save time and be productive all the way. The above-listed apps can help you explore the power of artificial intelligence. Let’s see what’s more to come in the future because everyone loves to work smart, not hard – and the power of artificial intelligence is all about working smart without breaking the sweat.






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