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WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) VS HDR (High Dynamic Range)

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WDR is short for Wide Dynamic Range. The WDR technology is applied for viewing the image smoothly under the condition of severe light contrast. Broadly speaking, it stands for the possible range of certain changing object or an area the minimum value and the maximum value spans that can be seen. WDR allows an imaging system to correct for the intense back light surrounding a subject and thus enhances the ability to distinguish features and shapes on the subject.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR photography is a kind of post-processing technology. It can reach the shooting outcome that normal combination of aperture and shutter cannot do by compositing various photos of different exposure and conducting tone mapping. The advantage of HDR photography is that it can keep original details to maximum extent and demonstrate the original vibrant colors.


They are two different processing technologies. One is hardware, and the other is software. However, the purpose of WDR and HDR is the same which is to turn the dark and bright details to be clear under the high-contrasted light condition. The difference is that the implementation methods are different. To be more specific, WDR makes efforts on hardware while HDR makes efforts on software. In a word, a car DVR with WDR or HDR technology makes the images clearer than an ordinary dash camera.


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