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4 years ago, Jaapson invested lots of money and time for its new business: camera module development & research & manufacturing.


In the modern dynamic world of technology, the applications of camera modules have expanded beyond their traditional use as a component of digital still cameras to an extensive range of markets in automotive devices, security, healthcare, and other areas, owing to the cost and performance benefits of the camera modules.


The camera modules market is gaining ground in several applications from consumer electronics to industrial robotics and gaming, automotive, healthcare, security & surveillance, and aerospace & defense. With the advancement of the digital image technology, increased opportunities are growing in the camera modules market. This advancement is reflected in some core technologies in the camera modules market such as 3D depth sensing, infrared thermal technology, 4K pixel and ultra HD display technology, and panoramic technology. 


The global camera modules market was valued at USD 19.21 Billion in 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% between 2015 and 2020. 


Seeing this great potential market opportunity, Jaapson invested USD 1 million into this new business, and we created a new enterprise: CM Technology Company Ltd. We rented new factory, introduced new equipment, setup class-100 clean room, trained employees and hired many experts in this field. From 2014-2018, we mainly provide camera modules & solutions to Chinese customers and Asian customers, but as we develop more and more camera modules, solve more and more problems for our clients, our technology gets mature, our development capability improves each day, we, with full confidence and sincerity, are ready to serve all customers from the whole world in 2019.



What we can offer you:

By resolution: 0.3MP, 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, 10MP, 13MP, 16MP

By focus type: Auto focus, Fixed focus, manual focus

By interface: USB camera modules, MIPI camera modules

By Number of lens: Single-lens camera modules, Dual-lens camera modules

By nature: we can provide both camera modules and ready cameras (some of them)


We are not just a camera module manufacturer, we provide you with better camera module solutions, we help to solve your problems, we deliver an answer!


Over these years, we have completed hundreds of different camera modules, most of them are not list in our website, if you did not find something on our product page ( that you can use, please contact our people freely, we will answer you ASAP.



CM Technology Company Ltd, which was founded in 2014, is a professional manufacturer specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of camera modules. 


Your most trusted partner for camera module solutions


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