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2018-07-23 23:33:19

Enabled by OmniVision's proprietary OmniPixel®3-HS high sensitivity pixel technology with 3 x 3 µm pixel and low-light sensitivity of 3.7 V/lux-sec, the OV9712-1D provides vivid imaging in virtually every lighting condition from bright daylight to nearly complete darkness. OV9712-1D has been re-optimized to improve QE, sensitivity and SNR.

The 1/4-inch OV9712-1D sensor provides full-frame, sub-sampled or windowed 8-bit/10-bit images in RAW RGB format via the digital video port and with complete user control over image quality, formatting and output data transfer. The OV9712-1D offers a chief ray angle (CRA) of 25°.

The OV9712-1D incorporates advanced image processing functions, including exposure control, gain control, white balance, lens correction and defective pixel correction, programmable through the serial camera control bus (SCCB) interface. For storage purposes, it includes one-time programmable (OTP) memory.

The OV9712-1D is available in a CSP package and is capable of operating within a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C.