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CMOS and sCMOS Image Sensor Market Overview

2018-07-26 20:38:07 519


The Global CMOS and sCMOS Image Sensors Market is vastly driven by the rising demand of small HD camcorders and smartphones, advancement of digital technology, coupled with rising concern about security and surveillance among consumers. Further the growing investments transpired in to R&D activities for technological innovation by the industry key players fosters the market growth. With their conscientious efforts and forays ensures that they constantly offer innovations for consumer genre long before even the consumer acknowledges its necessity. At the same time consumers appreciate the efficacy of these innovations and increase the sale of cameras equipped with CMOS and sCMOS Image Sensors which further ensures the traction in the market growth. Additionally, factors such as Technological advancements, rising disposable income coupled with economic growth of developing economies of Asia Pacific Region provide impetus to the market growth up to a large extent.   


CMOS and sCMOS image sensors Market are used in scientific cameras mainly. Scientific sCMOS cameras are rapidly gaining popularity in biological sciences, material sciences and astronomy owing to the ability of CMOS and sCMOS Image sensors that enables improved performance in speed, field of view, dynamic range, and image quality. However, the use of sCMOS cameras for biological research has been limited because of fluctuations in pixel quality, generating more noise than other cameras.



Major Market Players

Galaxy Core Inc. (China),

Sony Panasonic Corporation (Japan),

Toshiba Corporation (Japan)

SK Hynix Inc. (South Korea),

Samsung electronics (South Korea),

Canon Inc., (Japan)

OmniVision Technologies Inc. (US)

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