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8MP NVIDIA Jetson Nano Camera Module with SONY IMX219 sensor

1Model No :
1Key Feature :

This is one of our most popular camera modules designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, it is 8 Mega Pixel with Sony IMX219 CMOS image sensor, quality image is very high and stable.


It is capable of 3280x2464 pixel static images, and also supports 1920x1080@30fps, 1280x720@60fps and 640x480@90fps video. We have 4 different lens FOV available for you to choose: 77°,  120°, 160° and 200°; Also, you can choose it with or without LED lights, depending on if you use it at night & in dark conditions.


You can use it for many applications, such as robotics, AI, intelligent recognition, face recognition, embedded system, road identification line recognition, license plate recognition, home security & surveillance, CCTV,  toys, vision system, motion detection, IoT, agritech, etc




Key Feature: 

Designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Board

8MP resolution with SONY IMX219 CMOS image sensor

Fixed focus

A wide range of lens FOV available: 77°,  120°, 160°, 200°

Night vision is supported with putting LED lights

Supports 3.3V output power supply

One Year Warranty




Model No



1/4’’ SONY IMX219 CMOS


8 Mega Pixel

Most effective pixels

3296(H) x 2480(V)

Pixel Size

1.12µm x 1.12µm

Image area

5095um(H) x 4930um (V)

Shutter Type

Electronic rolling shutter

Focus type 

Fixed focus


Color, RGB

Input clock frequency

6 to 27 MHz


44.56 dB (Max.)

Interface type


Lens FOV

77°,  120°, 160°, 200°


25mm x 24mm

ADC Resolution

10 Bit

Storage temperature

-20°C to 70°C




When you order from us, please advise what lens FOV do you need: 77°,  120°, 160° and 200°, and also advise if you need camera modules with LED lights or without, VERY IMPORTANT!



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