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5MP Raspberry Pi Infrared Night Vision Camera Module with OV5647 sensor

1Model No :
1Key Feature :

This is one of the most popular camera modules for Raspberry Pi, it is 5 Mega Pixel with high quality OmniVision OV5647 CMOS image sensor, and compatible with Raspberry-pi 2 Raspberry pi 3 Model B Model B+. 


This module is with built-in IR CUT lens and 2 LED lights, it works both during day time and at night ( or in dark condition, poor light conditon, etc), LED lights will trun on automatically in dark conditions. For now, we use 175° big angle fisheye lens, if you need smaller FOV or bigger FOV, we can change for you.


You can use it for many applications, such as home security and surveillance, motion detection, time lapse photography, smart robots, wide life photograph, agriculture NDVI and other Raspberry Pi camera projects, etc 


You can learn more about Raspberry Pi camera modules at the below links:



Key Feature:

5MP resolution with OmniVision OV5647 CMOS image sensor

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Model B+

High quality image, high quality microphone

Built-in 850nm IR CUT filter and 2 LED lights

Infrared night vision is supported 

High quality fisheye lens with 175° FOV

The CSI bus is capable of extremely high data rates

It can be used as 24×7 surveillance system powered by Pi




Model No



1/4’’ OmniVision OV5647


5 Mega Pixel

Most effective pixels

2592(H) x 1944(V)

Pixel Size

1.4µm x 1.4µm

Image area

3673.6um  x 2738.4


Resolution/ Frame rate

2592x1944 @15fps; 1080P @30fps; 960P @45fps; 720P @60fps; 640 x480 @90fps; 320 x240 @120fps

Shutter Type

Electronic rolling shutter

Focus type 

Fixed focus

S/N ratio


Dynamic range



680mV / lux-sec

Dark current

16 mV/sec @60°C

Output formats

8-/10-bit raw RGB data

Lens FOV



Adjustable parameter

Brightness/Contrast/Color saturation/Hue/Definition/

Gamma/White balance/Exposure

Power consumption

DC 3.3V

Auto Exposure Control (AEC)


Auto White Balance (AEB)


Auto Gain Control (AGC)



Standard 25mm x24mm

Storage temperature

-20°C to 70°C


Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+




See below photos, you can either choose to have the 2 LED lights, or you can choose not to have them, which is a little cheaper.






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